Identify this Fireball and Win a Signed Book

Check out the giant fireball that lit up the sky above Sverdlovsk, Russia last week, and was captured on video (below) by multiple witnesses. Any idea what in the blazes it is? If so, fill out the form below and, if you're right, you get a signed first edition of Once a Spy. If not, you've got plenty of company. The entire Russian government has no clue. Officially.

Shortly after Sverdlovsk lit up like noon, Viktor Grokhovsky, a Ural Federal University physics professor and a member of Russia's Academy of Sciences' meteorite study committee, speculated that the cause was a bolide, an exceptionally bright meteor.

But the Emergency Situations Ministry said no, it was a local military base disposing ordnance.

The army, however, said, No way! "No exercises or trainings were held on that day," said a spokesman for the Central Military District, which includes the Ural Mountains. "No military units are stationed in that area, so we had nothing to do with the incident."

Is there any reason to think he is being anything other than truthful?

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