Birmingham author puts fresh spin on the spy novel

The Birmingham News

May 9, 2010: As if Keith Thomson's page-turner "Once a Spy" weren't intriguing enough, the Birmingham writer's own story also reads like that of an international man of mystery. Let's see now, where do we start? Grew up in Connecticut. Studied history at Columbia University. Played semipro baseball in France… {more}

Novel Spooks CIA Director

The Huffington Post

March 10, 2011: Early this year, former CIA director Porter Goss read the novel "Twice a Spy" in manuscript form and wondered how a Huffington Post columnist knew so much. Some of the "insider information" in question is in the chapter excerpted here, which takes place in the CIA Paris station within the US Embassy… [more]



Alumni Profile

Stanford Magazine

May/June 2005: Thomson is reveling in something of a Walter Mitty life these days as he soaks up reviews of his first novel in Publisher’s Weekly (a “beguiling, energetic debut”) and Kirkus Reviews (a “rollicking debut”). A screenwriter for Sony, Paramount and Disney, Thomson had been looking for a change of pace from his often frustrating day job, and he’d always fantasized about the pirate life. [more]


Avast! Pirates Steal Readers’ Hearts

The New York Times

August 26, 2005: Pirate blood runs strong. Morgan Cooke, the docile accountant at the center of Keith Thomson's comic novel "Pirates of Pensacola," discovers it running through his veins when he's reunited with his father, a direct descendant of the infamous Henry Morgan. In no time, he's battling bad guys like Emildeau and Faldeau Lafitte, descendants of guess who, and chasing after buried treasure. [more]



E-bombs, G-Men, drones and bugs are all part of the spy game for Birmingham novelist Keith Thomson

The Birmingham News

February 21, 2014: Keith Thomson was walking out of a movie theater with his wife, Karen, when he felt a sudden jolt that almost knocked him to the ground. [more]