The TR-3B Mystery

I saw the following image on, a Chinese military news site. Depending on whom you ask, TR-3B, as its known, is an alien craft, a classified US system, or complete fiction.

Let's get the obvious out of the way:'s TR-3B's shadow falls the opposite way of those of everything else in the picture. Also the thing looks totally fake. Of course these could be the results of alien tech designed to mess with our minds.

There are more photos—all blurry, unfortunately (alien tech messing with our cameras?), but they've made it onto actual news sites since word got out of Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical's patent for a triangular spy plane—patent #4,019,699.

There's no shortage of videos of TR-3B videos either, including one in which the craft is actually in okay focus, over Eau Claire, Wisconsin:

Is TR-3B real? Is it a latter-day SR-71 reconnaissance craft that will be declassified to our amazement in a few years or decades, but public knowledge of it now would impair national security? I don't need to know. But I'd like to. And I'll give a copy of Once a Spy to anyone who gives me a good answer, via the form below. Good comprises correct and/or entertaining.

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