The TR-3B Mystery

I saw the following image of the TR-3B Black Triangle on, a Chinese military news site. The TR-3B is, depending on whom you ask, an alien craft, a classified US system, or complete fiction. Let's get the obvious out of the way:'s TR-3B's shadow falls the opposite way of those of everything else in the picture. Also the thing looks totally fake. Of course these could be the results of alien tech designed to mess with our minds.

Here are a couple of additional TR-3B images (blurry, unfortunately), followed by a German video from June 2014 in which the craft is quite clear.

Shortly after the video went viral, FBI Agent Ben Hansen zoomed in and found frames in which the craft overlapped playground equipment in the foreground [read the story here]. More alien tech? Or terrestrial CGI?

But there are more, courtesy of the Internet, which have yet to be debunked. How cool would it be if they were legit? What do you think of them?