The Mossad’s Robot Sharks

The Middle East has almost as many Israel-related spy animal conspiracies as grains of sand. Three years ago, I reported that the Saudis believed that the Mossad, Israel's foreign intelligence agency, was using vultures to spy on them. Around the same time, an official in Sharm el-Sheikh asserted that a flurry of shark attacks in the Red Sea were part of an Israeli plot to harm Egyptian tourism. Israel refuted the allegations, which Since then, seldom does a day go by without someone posting or tweeting new "evidence" of Mossad robot sharks. Here's some of it. You decide.

Exhibit A (photo above, video below) is the Swimways R/C Cyborg Shark ($79.95 in toy stores), which acts like a real-life shark, capable of moving forward, backward, left, right, up, and down. Runs on four AA batteries. So how hard would it be for the Mossad, the Hogwarts of intelligence agencies, to build a life-size cyborg shark?

Then this photo surfaced. But is it just a photo of a guy and a real shark?

A better roboshark, albeit corded:

Photos of Bruce are often submitted as evidence.

And then there are these:

And finally, this release went viral (still not totally sure about it's authenticity):