Formerly the World’s Largest Land Vehicles

In the market for a transporter to get your rocket or space shuttle to the launch pad? Meet "Hans" and "Franz," the crawlers delivered to NASA in 1965 by Marion Power Shovel Company of Marion, Ohio, for $14 million apiece.

Immediately they ranked as the largest land vehicles on the planet—each is 131 feet long by 113 feet wide, stands 26 feet high and weighs 2,750 tons. The lost the title in 1978 to the 13,500-ton Bagger 288 excavator.

Hans and Franz still in good condition, each with only about 3,400 miles. Despite sixteen traction motors powered by four thousand kilowatt generators driven by a pair of 2,050 kW V16 Alco diesel engines, they only go about two miles per hour, and get 42 feet per gallon of diesel fuel (125.7 gallons per mile), or 125.7 gallons per mile. Not great, but try carrying a Saturn V on the top of your Prius.