Dispatch from Area 51

In 2009, I went to various Nevada military bases as part of a CIA-led tour. I saw Area 51. It's hard to mention that without raising a question. The answer is that, in the form of the image below, I saw Exhibit A in the case for the existence of extraterrestrial technology.

The CIA wants this technology to remain secret, I learned from Michael Schratt, the aerospace historian who rose to prominence among UFO believers with the publication of the saucer photo. Why the secret? Said Schratt, “Because it will make every man, woman and child on the planet energy independent.”

To my surprise, during a follow-up interview, Schratt admitted to me that the picture in fact is, “a computer-generated forensic composite” that he commissioned.

Here's the undoctored original:

Read more: The True Story of Area 51's UFOs is the Huffington Post story I wrote based on this experience.

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