Identify this UFO and Win a Book

The first of the following fireball photos is legit, taken by a NASA satellite early yesterday morning. The other photos, allegedly taken by people in the Southern United States, were posted online at the same time, supporting their authenticity. The question here is: What's in them?

Next, two quick videos, way better than the usual could-have-been-a-Frisbee blurs on UFO vids. [Source is the American Meteor Society, which we'll get to in a few seconds]

The American Meteor Society received over 150 such reports from people in Georgia, Bama and the Carolinas. Whatever it is was going 14,500 mph, which is pedestrian by the standards of meteors, which average 160,000 mph. Hence NASA officials speculated that Russian SL-6 Rocket parts—from the Cosmos 2196 missile early warning system—reentering the atmosphere. As such space junk breaks apart, it indeed creates fireballs, according the American Meteor Society. But is it just me, or does "Russian SL-6 Rocket parts from the Cosmos 2196 missile early warning system" have a little too much specificity for speculation about space junk. Is this the 21st century version of "It was just a weather balloon"?

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