The Pirate Song

The actual, historical pirate anthem. I didn't make any of it up, no rum was involved, nothing like that:

  To the mast nail our flag it is dark as the grave,
  Or the death which it bears while it sweeps o'er the wave;
  Let our deck clear for action, our guns be prepared;
  Be the boarding-axe sharpened, the scimetar bared:
  Set the canisters ready, and then bring to me,
  For the last of my duties, the powder-room key.
  It shall never be lowered, the black flag we bear;
  If the sea be denied us, we sweep through the air.
  Unshared have we left our last victory's prey;
  It is mine to divide it, and yours to obey:
  There are shawls that might suit a sultana's white neck,
  And pearls that are fair as the arms they will deck;
  There are flasks which, unseal them, the air will disclose
  Diametta's fair summers, the home of the rose.
  I claim not a portion: I ask but as mine--
  'Tis to drink to our victory--one cup of red wine.
  Some fight, 'tis for riches--some fight, 'tis for fame:
  The first I despise, and the last is a name.
  I fight, 'tis for vengeance! I love to see flow,
  At the stroke of my sabre, the life of my foe.
  I strike for the memory of long-vanished years;
  I only shed blood where another shed tears,
  I come, as the lightning comes red from above,
  O'er the race that I loathe, to the battle I love.


[I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because it's the difference between Let's eat Grandpa and Let's eat, Grandpa.]