“An ingenious plot supported by insider tradecraft material.”—Porter J. Goss, former Director of the CIA

The Washington Post: “A good-natured romp that offers slapstick and endless fast-paced shootouts and chase…[Thomson] writes fluid, vivid prose, good dialogue and first-rate action scenes.”

Daily Record: “It really, really IS like Ludlum.”

Jon Jordan, Crimespree Magazine: “…Thomson really grabbed the corners of the thriller genre blanket and gave it a major shake with his first book. That amazingly fresh feel continues in Twice a Spy. I already love good espionage novels, but Thomson has really done something special. He is now on my shortlist of authors I will drop whatever I'm doing to read.”

Jules Brenner, Noir Journal: “A major genre voice in the making.”«complete review»

The Birmingham News: “James Bond, take a number.”

Fredericksburg News: “Couple the cheddar-sharp wit of Carl Hiaasen with the action-packed styling of Robert Ludlum and you get you get Keith Thomson's Twice a Spy.


The Sudbury Star: “The action…is as fast, furious and entertaining as Thomson's first novel, which is saying a lot.”«

San Jose Mercury News: “The book is money and time well spent.”

Mystery Scene Magazine: “A fast-moving plot with lots of twists and lots of chases—car, ambulance, and even amphibious vehicle.” [complete review]

The Examiner: “By the explosive (!) ending, all the mysteries are solved, explained, and neatly tied up. And the reader is on the edge of his seat only in that he must wait in suspense to see if there is a third entry in the series. Hope so.” [complete review]

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “A breakneck thriller that’s twice as explosive as the original, Once a Spy.…Thriller fans rejoice over this new novel.”

Kirkus Book Reviews: “Thomson again hits a sweet spot in this highly original thriller, balancing gripping action sequences with humor a step or two above what you'd expect from the genre…Buoyant, fast and fun.…”

The Big Thrill: “Keith Thomson mixes abundant plot twists, humor, and breathless action in his spy-novels-with-a-difference…”  [read an interview with Thomson]

Elizabeth White, Musings of an All-Purpose Monkey: Just as in Once a Spy, spy gadgets, surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques, non-stop action, and plot twists abound in Twice a Spy. Yet despite the James Bond meets Jack Bauer breakneck pace with global ramifications, it’s the relationships that really propel Twice a Spy. Amidst the amphibious vehicle chases, gun fights, plane crashes, and wicked one-liners, author Keith Thomson has subtly and skillfully worked a quite touching plot line about the reuniting of a father and son into a spy thriller.”