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About 7 Grams of Lead: Russ Thornton is a hard-hitting journalist known for taking on big targets in government and in business. An old flame, now a Capitol Hill staffer, contacts him out of the blue wanting to share a secret. But she is gunned down in cold blood, right in front of him, before she can. Thornton finds himself in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with the killer, where the stakes are life and death and the technology is so sophisticated that he wouldn't believe it existed, if it weren't implanted in his own head. According to the Washington Post, New York Times Bestselling author Keith Thomson, "writes fluid, vivid prose, good dialogue and first-rate action scenes.”


About the CIA Improvised Sabotage Devices manual: Exploding wine bottles, guns constructed out of pipes, bullets made of teeth, aspirin explosives: If these sound like props from a B spy movie, it's because truth kicks fiction's butt. In the early-1970s, the CIA spent a great deal of effort developing myriad weapons for sabotage. The results were this 72-page illustrated manual, published in 1977 and distributed to American operatives.

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